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Graffiti Removal

As the sole authorised UK distributors of the Tornado ACS system, we are the ONLY choice when it comes to graffiti removal in the Midlands. The tornado system is THE MOST environmentally friendly way to remove graffiti as it creates minimal noise with no mess or risk of damage to surrounding areas. This makes it ideal to use in public areas such as high streets or next to water courses where traditional jet washing, blast cleaning or chemical cleaning methods are not suitable. The system works using only a standard electric plug, making it ideal for inaccessible areas and eliminates the need for large compressors.

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Our touch-less sanitisation and decontamination is the only solution to ensure your premises are sanitised.

Our quick and efficient service eliminates all envelope viruses, flu and up to 99.99% of bacteria from your premises

Using fogging technology, our fragranced, concentrated antimicrobial solution is effective against killing virus' and other potential threats to health.

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Gutter Clearing

Our gutter clearing service is handled entirely from the ground to ensure a completely safe process.

The specially designed equipment we use was developed specifically for clearing all the leaves, moss and accumulated dirt that build up in everyone’s guttering. Left untreated, your gutters will not work properly and overflowing will inevitably result, potentially causing flooding into your wall cavities and loft areas, plus your brickwork will become saturated.

Simple and quick to do, we suction up all the gutter contents which are all taken into our high – powered vacuum unit – and the contents can be simply disposed of by placing them on your garden – they make great compost as it’s all organic!

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Roof Cleaning

Over time, tiled and flat roof's get dirty and develop moss and fungal growths. The SparkleCo spray cleaning method is fully effective at removing these unsightly elements and returning your roof to a pristine condition whilst also providing protection against further re-growth!

Our specialist and trained technicians are qualified to access and clean your roof without you having to take any risk or worry!

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Driveway Cleaning

Jet-washing your drive regularly makes sense. The build up of slippery algae is dangerous to pedestrians (postman, friends, family, energy supplier, plumbers, electricians etc) - and doubly so in the winter.

In addition, keeping your driveway in a clean condition enhances the value of your property

We use specifically developed high-powered jetwashing equipment which lifts all the nasties and washes them away. For block pavier driveways our process will lift some of the block locking sand and we optionally offer to include a return visit a few days later when all is dry to resand the driveway

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